Bordeaux - Copper hood - 8 foot ceiling

  • $10,394.00

Product Overview

This product is for a ceiling height of 8 feet. If your ceiling height is between 94" to 101", order this product and enter the actual height in the "Special Instructions" field. If nothing is entered, it will be built for an 8 foot (96") ceiling.


When you are ready for an artistic statement, the Bordeaux, with its standing seams and detailed top and bottom frames, is the clear choice. Consider adding a patina for the full effect. Hand crafted in Sonoma County, California. The hood includes a powerful Dacor fan and LED lights. Filter is dishwasher safe with easy to remove mesh. Variable speed dial switch type.


  • Powerful fan unit with LED lights included
  • Bordeaux collection
  • Standing seams and decorative top and bottom frames
  • Eco-friendly, low energy soldered seams
  • Stainless steel liner for easy cleaning
  • Copper offers elegance and a living finish
  • Fan model: Dacor RNIVS
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year warranty exclusive of finish and craftsmanship
  • Copper is not sealed and will continue to age. Warranty does not cover the color.

Product Details

  • Exhaust Method: Ducted
  • Primary Materials: Copper
  • Lights Included: Yes

    Filter Included

    • Filter Type: Baffle

      Fan Sizes

      Hood Width

      Fan CFM (call to change)

      Required Duct Size (diameter)
      30" 600 8"
      36" 600 8"
      42" 1200 10"
      48" 1200 10"
      54" 1200 10"
      60" 1200 10"