Our heritage is in copper, zinc, stainless steel and brass range hoods since back in 1981 when Copperworks was founded. From the '80's through 2019, our unique, artistic and high performing range hoods have been cornerstones of luxury residential kitchen designs. We have had numerous repeat customers over the decades and they all came back for the same reasons - our high quality and great designs.

Mio Metals and Copperworks production ran from 1981 to 2019. The content on this website is the result of those 38 years of non-ferrous metal design and fabrication. Learn about how copper, brass, zinc or stainless steel can enhance your home, restaurant or commercial space. We have a lens of sustainability in all of our information so you can be good to the environment while creating your new space.

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We can help you with questions, but we will not be producing any more products ourselves.


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