Metal Size Chart from Mio Metals

We are focused on the metals that we commonly stock and work with here at Mio Metals. While there may be other sizes or thicknesses available, the list below are common to us. Please let us know if you need something not on the list and we can try to source it.

Metal thicknesses

You may be aware that metals are measured for their thickness differently based on the material. Copper is measured by its weight per square foot, steel is measured in gauge and brass is measured in inches. This can make it difficult to compare the materials, and it should also be noted that the hardness of the metal should also be considered for the the application. For instance, a piece of brass that is 0.032" thick is going to be stiffer and harder than a piece of copper the same thickness and a zinc that is 0.040" thick will be softer than both of them. Call us for our opinion on what to use where.

Metal Max. Width (inches) Max. Length (inches) Gauge Decimal (inches) Ounce MM

Galvanized Steel

48 120 26 0.018"    
Galvanized Steel 48 120 24 0.024"    
Galvanized Steel 48 120 20 0.036"    
Stainless Steel #4 finish 48 120 24 0.024"    
Stainless Steel #8 finish 48 120 24 0.024"    
Brass 48 120 20* 0.032"    
Copper 48 120 24* 0.0216"* 16  
Copper 48 120 22* 0.027"* 20  
Copper 48 120 21* 0.032"* 24  
Copper 48 120 19* 0.043"* 32  
Zinc 44 120 18* 0.040"   1.0
Zinc 44 120 16* 0.060"   1.5
 * equivalents      

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